What is kagan?

The above quote from the Diverse Students BES* sums up what we do in a nutshell.

We provide the ‘how’ of teaching. Teachers know what to do - it’s how to do it that’s often not covered in professional development.

Kagan is a multi-faceted pedagogical approach that uses Kagan Structures to ensure active engagement, develop oral language and interpersonal skills, improve student well-being, create connected inclusive communities, and raise student achievement.

Kagan Structures are interwoven throughout the day, as teachers make instructional decisions on the level of desired student engagement, accountability, and interaction. In effect, we give teachers more pedagogical choices.

Kagan New Zealand runs professional development for schools using Kagan Structures and strategies to ensure our workshops ‘walk the talk’.

Kagan is Culturally Responsive Relational Pedagogy with its core philosophy grounded in tuakana teina and akō. Once teachers have learned Kagan, they are able to use if for any level, with any subject area, and in any context.

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Kagan Structures are particularly powerful in preparing students with teamwork, creativity, communication, and leadership skills which are increasingly in demand in the twenty-first century workplace. Through the use of Kagan Structures all of these skills are acquired without separate lessons or programs, they are a curriculum embedded in the way teachers teach.
— Dr Spencer Kagan

If you’d like to know more, we invite you to visit our Workshops area to view current workshops offered in New Zealand.

Talk to us about designing PLD specifically for your school or CoL to best meet your learning goals.

*“Quality Teaching for Diverse Students in Schooling” Best Evidence Synthesis June 2003 Adrienne Alton-Lee


learning is a social thing

In this highly digitised era, it’s imperative that students are given even more opportunities to engage in positive face-to-face interactions with other students in an environment that is safe and inclusive