Our Team

Kagan New Zealand is lead by Jennie and Allan Moore. Jennie is the main driver behind Kagan New Zealand, since attending her first workshop with Laurie Kagan in 2006, and subsequently setting up Kagan NZ in 2012.

Although based in Auckland, Jennie is a keen traveler, and will gladly go anywhere to work with schools in making a difference for their students.


Jennie Moore

With over 28 years experience in education, Jennie’s experience spans all levels of the primary sector - NE to Year 8, all deciles, Special Education, gifted education, and principalship.

Role: lead trainer, school liaison, workshop design, coach, marketing


Allan Moore

Through both Jennie, and attending Kagan workshops himself, Allan is also excited about bringing Kagan into NZ schools. He is from a building background but appreciates the impact Kagan has on schools and society.

While Allan isn’t actively involved in the training side of things, his focus is on systems and accounts.

Role: accounts, inventory, sales


Patricia Mackay

Trish is an RTLB in West Auckland, having previously been a Deputy Principal in a large West Auckland school. She has seen firsthand the difference it has made for her Year 7-8 students, as well as the impact Kagan has on school culture in general. Trish has been a trainer for two years, and is excited about working with teachers to create the optimum learning environment for all students.

Role: trainer, coach, promoter


Casey Simson

Casey is currently a Deputy Principal in a large South Auckland school. Since attending her first workshop, her excitement has continued to grow as she has seen firsthand the difference it has made for her practice and for her students. Becoming a Kagan trainer has allowed her to share her knowledge and passion with teachers in not only her school, but other schools in Auckland.

Role: trainer, coach, promoter

“Teaching includes specific training in collaborative group work with individual accountability mechanisms” p.vi
— “Quality Teaching for Diverse Students in Schooling” Best Evidence Synthesis June 2003 Adrienne Alton-Lee