‘Try before you buy’ with a free 60 min intro session

Cooperative Learning - experience the difference!

Have an hour of culture-building on us!

In this interactive 60 minute session you will get to experience Kagan Structures, explore the philosophy that underpins everything we do, have fun, and see why we say Kagan is a One-Stop Shop for delivering the New Zealand Curriculum - or any curriculum.

Kagan is Multi-Faceted Pedagogy which will enable every teacher to develop and support:

  • student well-being

  • interpersonal skills

  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

  • Priority Learners

  • Key Competencies

  • Oral Language

  • ESOL

  • Behaviour and Classroom Management

cooperative leadership - School leadership teams

Be what you want to see!

Effective pedagogy starts at the top. During this highly informative one hour session we will cover the fundamentals of cooperative meetings.

You will experience key structures for:

  • building school culture

  • involving all staff in meetings

  • developing positive relationships

  • teacher well-being

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