Required Prerequisite: Minimum first 2 days of Kagan Cooperative Learning

Instructional Leadership Academy

The demands of leadership are more challenging in this era than at any time in our past. Today's leaders are still expected to fulfill traditional job responsibilities (e.g., managing facilities, overseeing budgets, dealing with the public). This four-day institute has been created for leaders who have embraced the challenge of engaging ALL students. Explore qualities and skill sets of effective leadership.

Learn practical tools that can be used to systematically lead a school toward increasing achievement of all children, as well as implementing systemic measures to ensure teachers successfully implement training in the classroom to ensure school improvement. Learn how to create a learning culture and community that will make a difference for all learners in your school.

“Simply amazing! New ways of thinking that will help my district in a new direction for staff and students.”

—Shawn Arnold, Superintendent of Schools

“So relevant! Game changer.”

—Dottie Brown, Executive Director of Elementary Education

“Insightful, practical, and important. One of the best workshops I have ever attended.”

—Becky Ince, Principal

“This has been a game changer for me. This is exactly what I needed—an authentic focus.”

—Marcus Timmons, Assistant Principal