Communities of Learning - Kahui Ako

Given the ‘cluster’ focus on professional development, inherent with the CoL model, Kagan is unique in that we can provide PLD that is relevant from NE to Year 13. The power of shared pedagogy for your learners is not to be underestimated, especially when that pedagogy has an embedded social skills curriculum, is brain-friendly, culturally responsive and improves student well-being.

Using Kagan Structures does not mean you only use Kagan. Rather, it is interwoven throughout the day as teachers make instructional choices, dependent on the content, and level of student engagement and interaction required. Teachers become very aware of their chosen pedagogy and subsequent impact of their decisions.

Large CoL? Bringing together 100-300 teachers for PLD is an area we specialise in. Integral to our approach is creating a collaborative learning culture through building connections, team building, breaking up cliques, and allowing multiple opportunities to talk to others, move, and have fun.