Cooperative Leadership

Are you responsible for engaging staff members in staff meetings, CoLs, or work sessions? Join other instructional leaders who are transforming their schools through improving the quality of their meetings.

“Cooperative Meetings is a treasure chest of ideas, resources, and activities for staff developers and others wishing to engage in dynamic learning experiences. No other resource exists that contains such a comprehensive set of strategies to enhance learning for all.” Michael Fullan

This workshop gives you step by step structures to build a professional learning community and a trusting and collaborative school culture.

Walk the talk in your meetings, by demonstrating what you expect to see in classrooms - extremely powerful!

Kagan Structures are part of every meeting – it’s a rule. At least two structures every meeting. No one wants to sit and be talked at. Meetings are about further developing relationships, growing people, and collaborative practice. Admin can be done through an email.
— Principal, South Auckland